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The best AI marketing use cases with Mutiny

All your marketing programs lead to the website. From content and paid to ABM and events, here's how B2B marketers convert more with Mutiny.

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Mutiny Use Cases

Mutiny is trained to tell you what works best

Get fed ideas by our AI, 1:1 strategy sessions, and community playbooks from marketers at leading B2B companies.

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Below are five favorite use cases to inspire your team, but...

Every website is different. For your website, Mutiny might have better ideas.

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Paid acquisition

Notion cut cost per lead through paid landing pages by 60%

See how Notion converted more signups from landing pages for paid traffic, personalizing by users' seen ads and device type for higher conversion.

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Notion paid playbook
Website conversion

6sense 5X'd leads with landing pages for new verticals

See how 6sense created targeted website experiences for industry-specific personas that converted 5X more qualified leads in one quarter.

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6sense vertical playbook with Notion
Account-based marketing

Snowflake scaled their ABM program to every target prospect

See how Snowflake assembles 1:1 ABM campaigns for target industries, accounts, individual prospects, and even event invites.

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Snowflake ABM playbook
Product-led growth

Livestorm increased both enterprise demos and self-serve signups

See how Livestorm created split buyer journeys on their site that increased enterprise demos by 27% and self-serve signups by 78% at the same time.

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Livestorm Product Led Growth homepage
Website conversion

Clearbit doubled enterprise demo requests

See how Clearbit personalized their homepage messaging for enterprise buyers that they identified on their site.

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Clearbit homepage for enterprise

Set up Mutiny in minutes

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Works on any website

Mutiny is just a simple script - it works on top of any website and CMS. Blazing fast. No flicker.

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Connect your tools

Pull account, contact, and opportunity data from CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, and conversion events tracking from tools like Segment.

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Target B2B buyers

Connect your existing 6sense and Clearbit company lookup data (or get the add-on with your Mutiny plan), then target any B2B audience.

Hear from our customers

What makes Mutiny special?

Company - Amplitude
We’re really able to make that 1:many campaign feel like a 1:1 conversation.
Author - Marcus Akerland
Marcus AkerlandSenior Performance Marketing Manager
Company - Livestorm
We’ve been able to drive more conversions to exceed our revenue goals for both our self-serve and enterprise.
Author - Benoit Leggieri
Benoit LeggieriGrowth Lead
Company - 6sense (ABM)
Generating pipeline from our target accounts is much easier when we speak the language of our buyers. With Mutiny, it's achievable and scalable.
Author - Grace Kleaveland Kupczak
Grace Kleaveland KupczakSenior Manager, Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing
Company - Mode
We’ve been able to drive almost equal the outbound lead volume to the inbound lead volume.
Author - Jason Alafgani
Jason AlafganiSenior Growth Marketing Manager
Company - People.ai
Mutiny makes our data actionable, powering 1:1 experiences that help us break into our target accounts at scale.
Author - Caitlin Marco
Caitlin MarcoHead of Global Growth and Demand
Company - Segment
We don’t need to go and build all these different new landing pages.
Author - Kevin White
Kevin WhiteHead of Growth

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