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"As a CRO who has Marketing rolling into my role, I value the experiences of CMOs so that I can improve my game and fill gaps in my experience in marketing. I find this newsletter valuable to surface those insights."
Author - Greg DelGenio
Greg DelGenioChief Revenue Officer
"Ingenuity in B2B marketing I don't see anywhere else. Ironically, not at all salesy even though it's the best content I read on sales. I am a startup marketing leader and I am kind of obsessed with you guys to be honest."
Author - Pat Shores
Pat ShoresChief Marketing Officer
"Straight up the only newsletter that I get excited to see in my inbox and have passed along to multiple people. Sticks to your ribs."
Author - Sarah Becherer
Sarah BechererVP of Growth
"Sometimes it is difficult to think outside of the box when running complex marketing teams. Your newsletter helps bring new ideas to the forefront and we have implemented several!"
Author - Hannah Hoyt
Hannah HoytDirector of Marketing
"This newsletter is a great balance between tactical, doer-level advice and industry-level info exchanges.”
Author - Ben Fischbein
Ben FischbeinSr. Performance Marketing Specialist
"I get a a lot of emails, but I always read the Mutiny newsletter. There's always something actionable that I can implement to be a better marketer and stronger Mutiny user."
Author - Carlie Pennington
Carlie PenningtonSr. Marketing Manager
“This newsletter means I can get caught-up on high level marketing trends and get discover new quick-win tactics that can have an immediate impact.”
Author - Nick Boariu
Nick BoariuMarketing Director
The Mutiny newsletter is a top-tier, relatable, marketing community for me. I've shared these newsletters with several members of my team now because they're always on par with what we're trying to accomplish within the limited time and resources we have to drive pipeline... I love how you all just get it."
Author - Kacey Davidson
Kacey DavidsonSr. Digital Marketing Specialist
"I've been glued to the newsletter as a way to learn about new tips or things I could try."
Author - Kareem Azees
Kareem AzeesSr. Manager of Growth Marketing

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