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ABM+63% freemium upgrades

Upsell Free to Paid with Personalized CTAs

Author - Benoit Leggieri
Benoit LeggieriGrowth Lead
Company - Livestorm
What you’ll learnWhat you’ll needThe ProblemThe HypothesisThe Solution
Identify the top reasons free users upgrade to paid plans
Segment users on a free plan
Align your CTA’s with your goals
Create a personalized pricing page 
Measure the results with an A/B test
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What you’ll learn

  • How to personalize your website to convert freemium users to paid plans

What you’ll need

  • A customer data platform to identify current customers and their plan type on your website
  • Insight on which features drive freemium customers to upgrade
  • A web personalization platform to customize experiences for each customer type
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The Problem

Livestorm is a video engagement platform, providing all the tools companies need to get the most value out of their online meetings, webinars, and other online events. They offer a limited freemium tier so users can try out the product, with the ability for the user to upgrade to a paid plan through their standard pricing page or through a sales conversation.

Benoit Leggieri, Livestorm’s Growth Lead, had implemented several tactics to convert free users to paid plans. He built in-app experiences and email sequences designed to drive conversion. 

But he realized he was missing a critical channel - his website. The website was completely geared toward getting net-new visitors into the freemium product as quickly as possible, not converting them to paid plans after they were in.

Article Headline Icon - The Hypothesis

The Hypothesis

Benoit suspected they could increase upgrades to paid plans if free users saw custom website messaging and CTAs. Benoit’s goal was to create an experience that made them immediately aware of what they were missing out on without a premium plan.

Article Headline Icon - The Solution

The Solution

Identify the top reasons free users upgrade to paid plans

Benoit asked his sales team the most common reason free users upgrade to paid plans. He learned that the time and attendee limits were the top two reasons free customers became paid customers. 

Segment users on a free plan

Using Mutiny’s direct integration with Segment, Benoit identified customers on a free plan and built a Mutiny segment to target them so they can receive a custom experience. 

Align your CTA’s with your goals

Benoit started examining the website experience through the viewpoint of a free user. What he quickly realized was that the messaging and CTAs were completely irrelevant to free users.  

The site CTA’s were geared toward getting started and signing up for free - built to convert initial signups, but doing nothing to drive upgrades. His first step was to personalize the CTA text to “Upgrade” and the link to take clickers to a page where they can easily upgrade their plan. 

Create a personalized pricing page 

Next, Benoit created a custom pricing page experience for freemium customers. When freemium visitors reached the pricing page, they saw customized messaging and CTAs geared toward upgrading to a paid plan.

Measure the results with an A/B test

Mutiny provides automatic hold-out testing for personalized experiences. All Benoit had to do was click launch and he could immediately start tracking the impact of his changes.

Livestorm custom cta

The Impact

Benoit’s A/B test resulted in a 63% lift in upgrades. And, creating and launching this page took minimal resources from the Livestorm team. 

“A personalization with Mutiny can be done in 15 minutes. It is very simple, just point-and-click on the website, make your changes and launch.”

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