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One-to-One Offers for High-Value ABM Accounts

Author - Hannah Mans
Hannah MansDirector of ABM
Company - Directive
What you’ll learnWhat you’ll needThe Problem The HypothesisThe Solution
Build a list of target accounts
Build outbound pages for target accounts in Mutiny
Launch the campaign and distribute links
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1:1 ABM personalization made easy

See how ABM teams use Mutiny to engage target accounts at scale.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to personalize offers for high-value accounts
  • How to build personalized outbound pages for target accounts at scale

What you’ll need

  • A target account list
  • A valuable offer for target accounts
  • A platform to launch personalized landing pages at scale
  • A tool to distribute personalized landing pages (email and/or ads)
Article Headline Icon - The Problem

The Problem

Directive Consulting is a leading performance marketing agency for SaaS companies. Naturally, they do a lot of testing and iterating on their own performance marketing programs.

One of their flagship programs involves offering gift cards to top target accounts who meet with them to learn about their offerings. While the initial iteration of the program brought in qualified prospect meetings, Director of ABM Hannah Mans noticed two problems:

  • Top target accounts weren’t engaging at the desired rate

  • Prospects weren’t familiar with Directive going into the meeting

Article Headline Icon - The Hypothesis

The Hypothesis

To solve this problem, Hannah thought that if she created a personalized page for each target account, she could give them more context on what the meeting was about, resulting in more awareness of Directive’s services going into the meeting.

Article Headline Icon - The Solution

The Solution

Build a list of target accounts

Directive had a tiered list of target accounts, and each account had a budget for a certain value of gift card they were prepared to offer.

Build outbound pages for target accounts in Mutiny

Since the data on each target account was already in Salesforce, it was easy for the team to dynamically insert variables like company name and logo onto the page.

Here’s an example of what the page looked like:

Directive 1:1 page

After launching the campaign in Mutiny, the team created personalized ads in Terminus and linked to each outbound page. They also built email sequences they sent through Outreach.

The Impact

After launching this campaign, the team saw 77% of top tier accounts viewing the page, with an average of 7 contacts per company checking out the offer.

The best part about this is that the sales team gets notified via Slack every time a target account views their page, which lets them reach out in real-time.

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