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Personalize any web page in minutes with data from Salesforce.

B2B marketers use Mutiny with Salesforce to personalize their websites, engage target accounts, and increase conversions.

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Generate more pipeline from your target accounts with Mutiny

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Move fast with AI-powered content and audience suggestions.

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Easily personalize your website with our visual editor.

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Prove how your personalized experiences contribute to pipeline and revenue.

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How marketers use Salesforce with Mutiny

Leverage all the data in your "source of truth" to power AI website personalization.

Build audiences

Target audiences on your website with Salesforce data

Leverage fields from Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities to segment identified website visitors and personalize their experience.

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Salesforce web personalization
Launch experiences

Engage your target accounts with 1:1 landing pages

Create personalized pages for every target prospect in minutes with Lists in Salesforce & your existing website.

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We don’t need to go and build all these different new landing pages.
Author - Kevin White
Kevin WhiteHead of Growth

ABM landing pages
Measure impact

Match personalization to pipeline impact

Connect Salesforce Opportunity data and configure your revenue attribution model. Explore in Mutiny, or export the combined data for further analysis.

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Sales feels like they're supported and that they're not on an island hunting for prospects.
Author - Jason Alafgani
Jason AlafganiSenior Growth Marketing Manager

Mutiny Revenue Attribution
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What do Salesforce users think of Mutiny?

Company - Clickup
I can setup hundreds of tests in a fraction of the time it would take with other products.
Author - Jimmy Flores
Jimmy FloresGrowth Marketing
Company - Harness
The Mutiny team carefully thought through all the typical hurdles a marketer would go through in launching experiments, from idea generation to execution, and removed them.
Author - Will Feng
Will FengWebsite Optimization Manager
Company - 6sense (ABM)
Now we can improve customer experience, maintain brand consistency, and increase pipeline drastically.
Author - Grace Kleaveland Kupczak
Grace Kleaveland KupczakSenior Manager, Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing
Company - Mode
We’ve been able to drive almost equal the outbound lead volume to the inbound lead volume.
Author - Jason Alafgani
Jason AlafganiSenior Growth Marketing Manager
Company - Livestorm
We’ve been able to drive more conversions to exceed our revenue goals for both our self-serve and enterprise.
Author - Benoit Leggieri
Benoit LeggieriGrowth Lead
Company - Amplitude
It is really easy for someone without any technical experience to personalize their website and improve conversion.
Author - Marcus Akerland
Marcus AkerlandSenior Performance Marketing Manager

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